Recruitment Message

Hello and thank you for applying to Mythril.

General Information: We are a top G3 siege guild looking to continue to reinforce and expand our numbers for siege. We are looking for like minded individuals focused on the micro and macro of siege to ensure maximum success.

Recruitment Information: - LINE Info: Jensendr
Our recruitment can be described by the follow three steps. You must be approved for each step to make it on to the next one.
1) Upload your json to our website. This will essentially evaluate your accounts for runes and artifacts and overlay them in comparison to our average. Generally speaking we are looking for similarly strength members to join our guild.
2) We will then continue the application process by requesting the full details on three to four meta defenses for our recruitment purposes. We will evaluate the teams, the runes, the sets, and the artifacts on these submitted teams to determine if they are adequate for our siege purposes.
3) We will offer a two week (Four Siege) offensive trial. During this time, you will be in the guild as a trial member and your offensive stats will be compared to the guild averages and other members. At the end of the period, you will either be confirmed as a full member or be rejected. Trials may not be immediate due to season ending or capacity of the guild. However, these may be offered at a later date if you pass steps one and two.

Any additional information and questions can be asked directly on LINE.
Recruitment Application

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Special note, you will need to enter at least one of the following: email address, discord ID, line chat ID or whatsapp.

So that guild leaders will know which guild you are applying for
To identify you to guild leaders.
To help guild leaders know where you are coming from.
A good place for guild leaders to reach you. It is recommended you do NOT use your HIVE account email address.
Discord ID:*
Your discord ID.
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Your line chat ID.
WhatsApp ID:*
Your WhatsApp ID.
Used by guild leaders to understand if you will fit in with the guild's schedule.
Tell guild leaders why you are a good fit. Why should they choose you? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?
Guild leaders will compare your monsters, runes and artifacts vs the guild you are applying for.

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